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What Women Want !

What men think !

Ahh… This is tough. But worth a shot. I’m pretty much sure that each and every man would have thought about this topic some time or other in their lives; What do women need to be happy ?

To be honest, neither women nor men know exactly what should each others do to keep each other happy. Human mind is very complex. It is not resistant to change. Changes will happen. Even though you love your bae more than anything in the world, it can change in a second, and vice versa. The first thing we got to understand is, nothing is permanent. Yes, your love to your girl or your girl’s love towards you, nothing is permanent necessarily. It can change and it is natural. Only we need a scientific mind to understand and accept it.

I’ve myself know how it feels like loving a girl for the first time. It’s amazing. Your whole world will be concentrated to one. You become so obsessed to her that we won’t even think about our existence. That is the first time you will think about the topic, what do women want. With our little brains and Big heart we think that all women need is love. Funny thing is, we don’t even know what is love, what are the important aspects of love. Love ! The word.. That’s all we know. This relation may not go further because if your girl is matured enough, they might find you funny and silly. Chances of getting heart broken are very high in this case.

Let me tell you what exactly women want with my little ‘encounters’ with women. 

  1. Attention
  2. Care
  3. Security
  4. Stability
  5. Freedom
  6. Your Trust.
  7. Your love.

These are the things every women would expect from their lover or husband or who ever it is. Even if you couldn’t satisfy any one of these needs of women, your relation might break into pieces. These are the general needs of women. There might be specific needs for each women as well. To be honest, I’m not enlightened enough to know all that. I believe sexual needs of each women would be different, just like men.

Some psychologists say it is impossible to satisfy a women. The case is same with men as well. It is just humane. Imagine a situation, where you are supporting a football team to win the championship. You will be shattered if your team lost in the final. You will find so much value for the championship cup. But if your team wins, even though you are happy, you may find the value of Championship going down, though you don’t express it. That is human nature, we will be never satisfied. This is not just the case of women, the entire human race is not satisfied, even the billionaires.

So, in short, if you really want to keep your woman happy, observe her, observe every tiny fluctuations of her emotions in different situations and act accordingly, if you think it is that important. 

GOD.. Not scary enough !

Human - Religion - God.. 

Religion is a very simple ‘thing’ or whatever it is. It is not complex, it is not for real and most importantly, it is not scary, if you trust yourself. Believe me when I say this, life is much better when you trust yourselves than depending on someone else. May that be your mother, your friend or even God. You are living your life alone. Even if you are one among the million audience in a concert, you are alone.

God is not the problem, religion is. It manipulates one’s thinking into a common one which they already created. Once a person’s thinking is linked to a common thinking, he/she thinks they are in the right path, cause many thinks the same way. There is a common misunderstanding that our moral values are completely dependent on the religion. Like, without religion a person cannot have moral values. It is a shame that we ourselves think that we have no innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. According to religion, a religious person doesn’t commit a crime because they are afraid of God or hell or whatever. Really ?

 Most of the religious people are still confused about the existence of God. They don’t express it to anyone. Leave alone letting others know about their confusion, they are afraid to think about it in their mind. Because, it is said that God knows everything, God will know that this person doesn’t believe me 100%. And guess what is waiting for you, The Hell. The constrain of thinking is the most dangerous weapon religion puts into your head. Let me tell you one thing, if you think about existence of God critically and rationally, it is just a matter of minutes that you will realize that there is no God.Believers are so dependent on God, that they don’t want to know the fact that there is no God, though somewhere in their subconscious they already have serious doubts about the existence of God.

For some people God is a need. It satisfies some of their psychological need. Imagine a homeless man without a job who is a believer. For him, the idea of God is very important. It doesn’t mean God is a universal phenomenon. It is psychological phenomenon which has no power outside your mind. The power of God which you feel inside your mind is your power. Life can change upside down when you realize and accept the fact that YOU ARE YOUR GOD AND I AM MINE.